UPDATE - March 2023: Since November 2022 Royal Mail have been taking frequent strike action, the latest of which occurred in the weeks running up to Christmas. This has greatly impacted my ability to have posters re-printed and delivered quickly (I am still waiting on some I ordered in November) as well as getting orders sent out. Added to this, they suffered a hack in early January 2023 that was only recently fixed. For a period of almost 4 weeks they were refusing to accept international shipments, and since they started accepting them again they have a massive backlog to work through. This has further affected the speed with which things can be sent.

Delivery times have also been greatly affected. I am sorry that this may have ruined gift plans over the Christmas season and have been adding additional items to affected orders to try and make up for it. If your order is still waiting to be dispatched please know that I am working as fast as I can, but after some health emergencies I am very overwhelmed right now. Your posters WILL get to you, I promise.

Regarding Despatch Times:

Please note that I fulfill and ship orders alone. Due to my health circumstances I rely on my family to take packages to the post office which is dependent on their availability. This means that there may be delays of a couple of weeks before an order is shipped. I try to ship orders as fast as possible but please understand that it is not always possible to do so immediately. Thank you for your understanding friends.

Regarding Delivery Times:

Royal Mail is currently overwhelmed by the increased demand due to COVID measures. Some orders are taking up to a month to reach their destination. Please allow 30 days from the time of dispatch before contacting me about your order as there is nothing I can do before that time. I am really sorry but it's truly out of my control.

If your order has shipped and you have a tracking number please be assured it is on the way. If you are still waiting for your order to ship then thank you for your patience, it won't be much longer now.